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For questions that aren't listed below, please go to the 'Contact' page to ask your question.


Are you a Registered Massage Therapist?

Yes. Only those registered under the CMTO can practice massage therapy and use the name 'Massage Therapist'.


Do you give receipts?

Yes. All Massage Therapists in Ontario are required to give receipts.

Are you trained in pregnancy massage? Do you have a belly pillow?

Yes. I have completed a pregnancy massage outreach clinic and have treated numerous women through all different stages of their pregnancies. I have 2 different pillows that allow you to lay face down without any pressure on the belly. There is always the option to lay side-lying as well.


Can a massage treatment be painful?

Some techniques can be painful. However, we will work together within your pain scale. I will check in with how the pressure is periodically to ensure you are comfortable.


What is the difference between a regular massage and a deep tissue massage?

Every massage treatment is different. A 'regular' massage can have deep techniques incorporated into it if the deeper tissues need to be addressed. With any massage, superficial tissues need to be addressed before any deeper tissues are addressed.


Is massage covered by insurance?

All insurance plans are different. Please contact your insurance company or go on their website to find out this information.

Will one treatment fix me?

Massage therapy is beneficial when treatments are consistent and home care is done continuously. One treatment may temporarily decrease what once felt painful or uncomfortable but it is always recommended that a treatment plan be followed to allow the body to be at its optimal state of health.

What clothing do I remove when I get on the table?

You can remove what you are comfortable removing. Some clients remove every article of clothing, where as some leave their underwear on. It is a personal preference whether or not you want to keep any pieces of clothing on. Please be aware that massage therapy is most effective with skin on skin contact. However, I want you to feel completely comfortable and can definitely treat over clothing as well.


What can I expect at my first treatment?

Before your first treatment, we kindly ask that you have your intake form filled out. The link to this is in your confirmation email. Take your time filling this form out, as it is very important for me to receive the most accurate and up to date health information to ensure a safe massage treatment. When you arrive 10-15 minutes before your treatment time, it gives us time to go over this intake with you to get a better understanding of your health history and what to treat. I will then complete an assessment which includes questions, special tests, range of motion, and provides me with more information about what to focus your treatment plan on. Following the assessment, I will leave the room to wash my hands while you get undressed to your comfort level and get on the table. After getting under the sheets and covering yourself back up, take some deep breaths. I will knock and ask for your permission to come back in. Treatment will begin. Only the areas that were discussed before treatment will be undraped. You will never be exposed in any way. During the treatment, feel free to talk or you can simply enjoy silence if that resonates with you on that day. After treatment, I will leave the room again and give you some time to slowly get off the table and get dressed. When you are done, you can open the door to let me know you are ready. We will discuss the treatment plan and you will be given some home care so that your body can continue to feel the way it does after the massage. Payment is then taken by debit or cash. There is always the option to rebook before leaving.

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